We understand what it’s like to feel the despair of being in pain, frustrated that you can’t do the things you want to, and worries about the future. We’ve helped thousands of patients return to doing the things that they love, so that they can enjoy life again.

People often think of osteopathy as being about ‘bad backs’. It is much broader than that, and can be used to treat a wide variety of injuries and health issues – joint pain, digestive complaints, headaches and migraines to name but a few.

Osteopathy treats the person, rather than the condition, so we’ll look for the underlying issues and identify exactly what’s causing the trouble. Your treatment will be tailored just for you.


The difference Chris has made to all our lives was major.  It’s amazing to watch him work; the treatment is so gentle and it just works.  He has been a star and has revolutionised our lives.  I recommend him to anyone.

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