Osteopathy for babies in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and Derbyshire

"Chris was incredibly gentle with my precious little bundle; as a father would be! Giving over my three week old baby was an interesting experience. I trust Chris completely and you can see that he cares"

Most people assume that babies have no stresses and strains in their bodies as they are so young, and have been protected in the womb. However, the enormous pressures that a baby can be subjected to during pregnany, and particularly as part of the birthing process, can cause tension that is retained in the body long after birth.

Osteopathy for babies in Sheffield, South Yorkshire & Derbyshire
These unresolved strains may lead to your baby being unsettled and fractious.

The osteopath's highly developed sense of touch can allow them to use extremely gentle techniques to help to relieve discomfort and improve your baby's body function.


You can take advantage of a free baby check at any time before your little one's first birthday.

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