Kind words...

...from just a few of our patients

"I just wanted to say a really big thank you to Chris for all his help and support with Eloise. Both my husband and I are over the moon with the results and thrilled to see her so much happier and settled. The treatment really has helped to make parenthood the amazing experience it should be - I only wish we had found you sooner!" Nicky, mum of Eloise

"Dear Chris and Jude, thank you so much for everything you have done for me in the last six months; for putting me back on my feet, giving me back a normal life and enabling me to take up my new job" Theresa

"The Practice is welcoming and friendly and the treatment has improved my son's temperament and well-being" Melissa

"An hour later I was walking up the road feeling back to normal. The treatment was excellent" Barry 

"I recommend this cranio-osteopathy for babies. I wish I had known about this treatment when my eldest was a baby.  He was treated by Chris Johnson later when he was older and was so impressed by the techniques and results that he is now training to be an osteopath!" Christina Ojari, Midwife Hypnobirthing Practitioner

"I don't know if I'd have ever been back to work without Chris" Debs

"The difference Chris made to all our lives was major. It's amazing to watch him work; the treatment is so gentle and it just works. I recommend Chris to anyone" Catherine

"Without Chris I would never have got to where I am now, which is back on form, playing football and getting black eyes and bruises from the younger lads" Anon

"I felt an improvement after the first treatment and definitely after the second; I was very much steadier"

"Within two treatments I was feeling much better. It was very gentle treatment, and surprisingly comfortable, considering my bump"

"I trust Chris completely. He is so gentle and you can see that he cares"

"It was reassuring to hear Chris say that there was something he could proactively do. It's a very safe environment to take your child to"

"I now recommend Chris to all my friends and patients"   

"You're all extremely kind, attentive and welcoming. It's obvious you enjoy what you are doing, which makes coming to the Practice a real pleasure"

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