Raising funds for the Sheffield Children's Hospital and the Special Care Baby Unit at Jessops

"I now recommend Chris to all my friends and patients; that they book in as a matter of course, even if there's no cause for concern. It's a running joke I have with people - call in on your way home from Jessops!"

Free baby checkEvery week, we offer a number of free baby appointments for babies up to a year old. This means you can bring your little one(s) to the Practice for an examination and gentle cranial treatment, to provide an early opportunity to release any strains from pregnancy and birth.

Although, the benefits of cranial osteopathy for babies are becoming increasingly widely known, we're keen to spread the word even more. This initiative has a double benefit - as well as helping to spread the word about cranial osteopathy for babies, it also provides an opportunity to generate funds for The Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity* and the Special Care Baby Unit at Jessops**.

Whether or not there is a particular 'cause for concern', the appointment offers the chance for a full consultation, examination and treatment as appropriate. If it seems that there would be a benefit from further treatment, you will have the option to book another session if you wish. **You will be able to make your donation - a minimum of £10 but you can donate more if you wish - at the time of your baby's appointment, through us, to one of the charities we support.

Please help us to spread the word, and pass on this news to other parents you know who may be interested in how osteopathy could help their family.

So far we have raised over £13000 to benefit The Childrens Hospital and the Special Care Baby Unit.

Thank you for your support!

The free baby checks are very popular and we are often booked up a month to six weeks in advance for these sessions.

If you prefer an earlier appointment for your little one(s), simply call us to book an appointment and our usual treatment fee will apply.

*The Children's Hospital Charity - registered no. 505002 http://www.tchc.org.uk/

**The Sheffield Hospital's Charity for the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) - registered no. 1059043   http://www.sheffieldhospitalscharity.org.uk/

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