Osteopathy for adults, babies and children

Safe, effective, structural and cranial treatment for a wide range of conditions

"Without Chris I would never have got to where I am now, which is back on form!"

Osteopathy is an extremely effective, and gentle form of therapy that relieves pain by improving the function of the body as a whole.

Osteopathy for infants

Osteopathic treatment involves the gentle manipulation of the body to bring relief and an improved quality of life for patients. Osteopaths recognise that many of the problems of the body may stem from structural or mechanical factors which can inhibit healthy functioning or worsen underlying conditions. Osteopathy is a well-established medical discipline, registered by a statutory council and backed up by research.

The Osteopathic Practice is a vibrant, family centered practice, and we pride ourselves on making a difference for patients of all ages and their families too. To date, our youngest patient was just two days old, and the eldest, ninety four years.

Our Practice is built on word of mouth and we welcome referrals; when people recommend us to others, this is the best compliment we can receive. So, if you know someone who you believe would benefit from treatment here, please tell them about us. Thank you.

If you can't find the answers to your particular questions, or simply wish to discuss how osteopathy may be able to help you or your family, please phone us on 0114 266 4786.

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